Why Batron Energy?

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Custom design

We specially design lithium-ion battery and battery systems for all your energy needs.

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High Productivity

We were able to reduce the physical volume of batteries and increase capacity! So we’ve shrunk and grown!

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Long Lasting

With LiFePO4 and Lithium Titanate (LTO) technology, we can increase the life span of your classic batteries up to x100 times.

Your Own Battery
Follow our guidelines and we will offer you the most convenient and economical solution.
Minimum Energy Consumption
Maximum Efficiency
When viewed by capacity criteria Both price – performance, battery life – change maturity and volume – are the most successful products we have ever made. Because we design our batteries with our modular battery management system (BATRON BMS). In this way, we offer longer usage with maximum efficiency.

Lithium-ion battery and battery

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BATRON Ultra Safe

Li-Ion Batteries

With 6 layer batron security protection designed in our BMS circuits, we provide the highest security protections for all our Li-Ion products. We also increase your mechanical durability with static case strength analyses. In this way, we allow you to use your products safely under all conditions.
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Solutions in all sizes, capacities...
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AGV / Shuttle Batteries

Solutions in all sizes, capacities in AGV and Shuttles...

Batron Energy Lithium-ion battery and battery systems

Our batteries have three different measuring life (uptime, shelf life and lifetime) and these times vary for each battery chemistry. (Alkaline, lithium-polymer, etc.).
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News from Us & Industry

We share our work and current developments in lithium-ion battery and battery systems.
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