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Battery technology is advancing rapidly; Super Battery hasn’t been found yet, but it may be right next to us. While most of today’s batteries meet mobile applications, they need serious improvements for electric vehicles.

There is a lot of false information about the batteries and people want to get accurate and up-to-date information. The information we provide is compiled from specifications and independent testing laboratories, as well as reliable sources.

Our readers’ comments are as important to us as laboratory test data. That’s the reason, we keep our website constantly up-to-date and value our readers’ comments.
There are no black and whites in the battery world, only gray tones. The battery is a black box with its own mind; mystical and inexplicable. For some, the battery is not a problem; for others it is nothing but a headache.

The question most asked by the battery manufacturers is: “How long can I extend the battery life if I do this?” ”There is no quantitative answer. The end causes of the final battery life are versatile and similar to our own human weakness. Even if we stay fit and eat our vegetables, we have health problems.

There is no perfect battery and each package is designed for a specific use. Batteries in consumer products are optimized for long run time, small size and low cost; Long life is less important. Industrial batteries may have high load capacity and improved reliability, but the package becomes more bulky. The third variant offers long service life and these packages are expensive.

All batteries have one thing in common: after a period of operation, they need to be charged and require a final replacement with the loss of capacity. Battery replacement is frequently performed before taking the main machine out of service. The idea of an uninterrupted energy source is still a dream.

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The word “Battery” comes from old French word that means “beating action”. In an effort to find an energy storage device, in the 1700s, scientists adopted the term “battery” to represent multiple interconnected electrochemical cells.

The battery consists of two electrodes that are isolated by a separator and immersed in the electrolyte to promote the movement of ions. Many new active materials are being tested in battery production, each offering unique features but none offering a final solution.

Improvements are progressing slowly. Moore’s Law* doubles the number of transistors in the integrated circuit every two years, while the lithium-ion (Li-ion) gain in capacity over the past two decades has been about 8 percent per year. Theoretical battery models reveal certain energy levels that are ten times higher than the commercial equivalent, but remain in theory and never reach these goals in real life.

A battery is a slowly charged, limited energy source with a certain life span.
Ni-Cd and Ni-MH, which dominated the battery world until the 1990s, are now being replaced by lithium-ion types. In terms of environmental damage, lead acid batteries continue to be replaced by Li-Ion batteries, despite their many disadvantages. It seems that in the near future, all applications will proceed through Li-Ion battery technology.

Li-ion is expensive but when the price per cycle is calculated, recovery is more than lead acid. Battery experts say that the transition from lead acid to Li-ion will be faster than the progress of the Internet.
We want to give our readers as much information about batteries as possible, but we only deal with the most widely used battery systems.

* In 1965, Gordon Moore said the number of transistors in an integrated circuit would double every two years. The prediction came true and took place in the 21st century. If Gordon’s words continue to come out, the power needed to start a car in the future will come from coin-sized batteries.

The information in this block is provided for the benefit of all battery users. Batteries became our constant traveling companion. Activating personal devices, especially mobile phones, allows us to reach out to a friend, work outside the borders of the four walls, offer entertainment and enable personal transport. But most importantly, batteries connect humanity and support their mission to help people who need it.

While protecting our environment, reducing the dependence on fossil fuels, the importance of clean power to further protect freedom of movement is becoming clearer. We also want to spend our wonderful world for future generations, as God has given us, well protected and intact by humanity.

As Batron Enerji, we see this website as a unique resource for keeping and sharing our experience and technological developments in our country. Our company will always support the discovery of battery R & D studies and material sharing for battery users. We pay special attention to developments in battery management, diagnostic and rapid test technologies.

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