We design the most reliable and economical solutions for all your energy needs.


We are the most experienced, domestic and private company of mobile energy. We are shaping the future of portable energy with future thinking. That's the reason we love doing our job.

We didn't invent the battery, but we developed it, we are still developing it ...

BATRON ENERGY INC. provides battery design and production services. In 2017, Tübitak was established with 1512 Teknogirişim capital support program and started to serve its customers in the battery industry. Was designed by engineers with over ten years of experience in company battery mechanics and electronics, embedded system design, test engineering and project management.

Battery designs, which will meet the requirements of international standards and will be competitive at cost, are presented primarily to customer evaluation. In our country, the limited supply of standard and customer-specific battery design leads the device designers to unreliable Far East products. To be a reliable domestic product supplier is one of BATRON ENERGY‘s most important goals. Working with device designers as a member of the same project team, giving rapid and effective reactions to design changes, providing reliable products to designers and users, our efforts to make our company a global brand and to represent our country in this sector continue with increasing enthusiasm.


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To be the world leader in the design and manufacture of battery and energy storage systems by providing the fastest innovative solutions for all of our customers’ energy needs with our innovative, principled and responsible approach.


To provide professional solutions for mobile energy and battery systems.